We offer you a chip, microphone and speaker to embed in your product and produce an opposite sound wave in order to reduce your product’s noise energy by 90% ! and beyond to improve your product’s quality noise !

Beat your Competitors by embedding Silentium in your products

  • Competition is a Nightmare?
  • Is it tough to differentiate your product in your market?

Generating a good feature that will differentiate your products from your competitors is not easy! Think how much easier it will become for your sales force to sell a product that produces less noise then the competition…

“Silentium helped us reduce the noise level in our Cooker Hoods by 50%.We now have a major USP that will definitely help us differentiate our products, ease our sales procedure and increase our sales…” Lei Ming, King Bright Home appliances

Sell Quieter Products…

Research clearly demonstrates that chronic exposure to high levels of noise affects not only our hearing but also our stress levels and productivity, and ultimately, our physical and mental health.

Silentium Customers embed the chip, speaker and microphone in their products to reduce noise levels of their products. For quieter and more energy-efficient “everything” – air conditioners, ventilation systems, appliances, cars, medical equipment, computers, whatever…Silentium has a solution!

If your product produces Noise, Silentium will remove most of it and enable an aquarium Sensation to your products…

      We were working on an exciting air conditioner project. Our client requirement was to reduce the noise by 5DB. We tried for 3 months and failed. Then we stumbled upon silentium.com while we searched on google. since our budget was limited we decided to buy the SCDK solution. After two weeks we already had more
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