Active Noise Control

Traditional noise reduction methods use foams and barriers. Even though they provide good result and are an important part of any noise reduction solution, they suffer from a major drawback: when implemented as sealing material, it blocks the airflow path, when lining ducts, it requires a relative long duct to achieve good results.

Silentium’s innovative Active Noise Control solution provides you with the capability to allow airflow undisturbed while preventing noise from coming out. The concept of Active Noise Control (ANC) is based on producing an “anti-noise” signal which destructively interferes with the original sound and cancels out the original sound.

Silentium has developed a unique ANC concept incorporating proprietary innovative algorithms, which adaptively follow the changes in noise spectrum thus achieving extraordinary results of about 10dB(A) noise reduction. It allows undisturbed airflow path while preventing noise from being emitted. Silentium’s solution unlike previously designed ANC systems is extending the low frequency range of signals, up to 1800Hz, and not only with single tones and eliminates the use of error microphones. The result is a small, low-cost highly effective solution to the low/medium-frequency noise, which can be applied to many different applications, thus producing a successful commercial solution.


The S-Fan™is a compactly S-Fan™ can be customizing for any fan dimension or to any air device such blowers. This product target any electronic device incorporating air moving devices to reduce the noise emitted at the source.

Silentium’s offers S-Fan™ reference design and will support OEM’s in the process to integrated the S-Fan™ technology into their electronic product.


The ActiveSilencer™ duct is an add-on unit, designed to be installed at the end of a pipe emitting or sucking air and generating noise. It is ideally used for air-purifying, air–conditioning, furnace systems etc.

The ActiveSilencer™ Duct is an easy to install low cost unit, ovides dramatically noise reduction of about 10dB(A).

This product targets the residential market, to improving quality of living.


Recently Silentium introduced the Quiet-Bubble™ family, a concept that was developed at Silentium in the last few years. Quiet-Bubble™ technology belongs to a field of Zone-to-Zone ANC applications. Quiet-Bubble™ technology reduces the disturbing noise nomatter what the sources!

QB in Automotive for road noise reduction

The Silentium Comfort-Shell
Silentium Comfort-Shell™ platform is addressing an opportunity to deal with open space environmental noise (first, in door), that requires a combination of a passive barrier and spatial Active Noise Control, the Comfort-Shell™ provides a combination of the reduction of ambient noise with high-definition private audio (i.e.; holding a conference call without disturbing and/or being disturbed by others).

See example of it in a form of a booth: Silentium Comfort Booth

      We were working on an exciting air conditioner project. Our client requirement was to reduce the noise by 5DB. We tried for 3 months and failed. Then we stumbled upon while we searched on google. since our budget was limited we decided to buy the SCDK solution. After two weeks we already had more
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