Silentium developed a generic controller for active acoustics, i.e. Active Noise control (ANC), Active Structural Acoustic Control (ASAC) and Active Vibration Control (AVC).

Silentium offers a range of products for active acoustics product developers and consultants in the field of active acoustics. These products are designed to assist them in developing active acoustics applications based on Silentium’s SCube™ controller.

Silentium proposes two alternatives for implementing the electronic controller:

  1. S-Cube™ controller manufactured by Silentium,
  2. RDK (Reference Design Kit), which is a set of instructions for adding the core components of the S-Cube™ to the customers electronic board.
      … “ In working with your group, we found Silentium to be very competent and professional. They were a key contributing factor in the success of our project. I will definitely be recommending the Silentium Active Noise Cancellation solution to anyone who is interested.”
      Darcy Letemplier, Vice President Engineering
      Ciara Technologies
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