Enjoy the power of a sport car with a smooth sound of an electric car

Quiet-Bubble™ (QB™) capture the ambient noise, creating a quiet zone.

Silentium’s QB main Benefits:

Cost, Energy & User experience

•Improving driver and passengers comfort by reducing the exposure to noise while driving.
•Better noise reduction:

•Limited effectiveness of passive countermeasures for low frequency noise.
•Variable displacement engines noise cannot be reduced by passive countermeasures.
•In car sound quality
•Weight saving: The QB is able to reduce the low frequency car engine and road noise without car weight increase .

•less damping/absorption material. (and/or no need for additional material).

Silentium’s basic building block in implementing its Active Noise Control solution includes a microphone, speaker and an electronic board- Its called S-Cube™ kit.

The S-Cube Kit can be embedded also in HVAC system for cars, the microphone and speaker are chosen to meet specific requirements of spectrum response and electrical characteristics. Silentium proprietary algorithms are embedded in a DSP.

The S-Cube™ kit is embedded in our products and can be part of any OEM solution.

When S-Cube™ is embedded in car engines, the results can be a much nicer sound of the engine.

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QB Brochure

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