Let’s face it: You and your customers don’t want the constant roar of the air conditioning and heating system as the soundtrack to your lives.

Customers want greener answers to save their health, sanity…and their money

Silentium’s Active Noise Control (ANC) provides our HVAC partners with an immediate competitive edge – we set your products apart from the competition by eliminating noise by up to 15 dB(A).

The magic formula:

Green = Quieter + Reduced Energy Consumption + Lower Cost of Ownership. Why?

ANC eliminates concerns about excessive noise, so blowers can operate at their most efficient speeds, reducing energy consumption, so quieter means less expensive to run. Silentium’s 15 dB(A) noise reduction translates to a massive 75% elimination of noise pollution and significantly reduced energy costs. Discover the ANC difference for yourself via audio or our white paper. 

HVAC manufacturers can easily integrate Silentium’s ANC technology directly into their mass-produced products. 

Silentium provides three key products in the war against HVAC noise pollution:

S-Cube™ Kit (SCK™) – A low–cost, basic building block for implementing an active acoustics control solution for mass produced products

S-Cube™ Development Kit (SCDK™) – For retrofitting any existing unit, the controller allows the designer to adapt Silentium’s technology to create his own broadband noise and vibration reduction solution

Active Silencer™ Duct – Contractors can directly install the duct, saving time, labor, and material costs as it eliminates the need for long and complicated labyrinths and ducts for noise reduction

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