The S-ANC EVK provides developers with a cost-effective tool designed for initial evaluation of the Active Noise Control technology. The evaluation kit includes:

· Silentium’s ANC Development Environment.

· Quiet Fan (S-Fan™) prototype, ready for ANC presentation.

· Silentium’s comprehensive ANC manual, including theoretical introduction to ANC, practical experiments and S-Cube™ ANC Development Environment operation manual.

· Extensive technical support for 60 days.


· S-Fan™ prototype for preliminary ANC practice.

· Quick and efficient ANC evaluation for OEM air moving devices (radial and axial fan) using Silentium’s ANC Development Environment.

· Broadband noise reduction, up to 10 dB(A) on top of passive means.

· Sound spectral analysis.

· Comprehensive ANC “Cook Book”.

· Ideal for HVAC, IT, Automotive OEM applications.

· Suitable for Academic needs.

· Optional upgrade to Silentium’s ANC Enterprise Kit (SEK)–OEM Kit designed to support the development and production stages.

Special Price! $990

      We were working on an exciting air conditioner project. Our client requirement was to reduce the noise by 5DB. We tried for 3 months and failed. Then we stumbled upon while we searched on google. since our budget was limited we decided to buy the SCDK solution. After two weeks we already had more
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