The S-ANC EVK provides developers with a cost-effective tool designed for initial evaluation of the Active Noise Control technology. The evaluation kit includes:

· Silentium’s ANC Development Environment.

· Quiet Fan (S-Fan™) prototype, ready for ANC presentation.

· Silentium’s comprehensive ANC manual, including theoretical introduction to ANC, practical experiments and S-Cube™ ANC Development Environment operation manual.

· Extensive technical support for 60 days.


· S-Fan™ prototype for preliminary ANC practice.

· Quick and efficient ANC evaluation for OEM air moving devices (radial and axial fan) using Silentium’s ANC Development Environment.

· Broadband noise reduction, up to 10 dB(A) on top of passive means.

· Sound spectral analysis.

· Comprehensive ANC “Cook Book”.

· Ideal for HVAC, IT, Automotive OEM applications.

· Suitable for Academic needs.

· Optional upgrade to Silentium’s ANC Enterprise Kit (SEK)–OEM Kit designed to support the development and production stages.

Special Price! $990

      “… Silentium ANC workshop provides a valuable insight into the rationale of acoustic product design … …, the highlight was the S-Cube Development Kit…. …I hope this collaboration continues next year” Professor Antonio Mínguez Olivares, University POLITECNICA DE MADRID DEPARTMENT DE INGENIERIA AUDIOVISUAL Y COMUNICATIONES Noiz Ingenería Acústica “…Thank you for the testimonial, I agree
      Professor Antonio Mínguez Olivares
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