ANC Workshop

ANC Workshop

Silentium introduces a three day workshop that will train technical staffs and design teams through the entire process of creating an ANC technology based product. The intensive training includes an introduction to ANC theory and how to put the technology to work, analysis of ANC performance estimation and acoustical considerations of product design, practice sessions held every day used for building ANC solutions and insights into mass production potential for the ANC product.

The workshop will be led by Silentium’s engineers who have proven experience in ANC development. Now you can use Silentium’s ANC solution in your own electronic applications and create a quieter workplace.

The workshop can be conducted at Silentium’s offices or at the customer’s site. Read more…

For more information, please contact us and Silentium’s representative will contact you.

Feel free to download the attached workshop brochure

Order ANC Workshop 1 @ $5,000.00
Clients Feedback

We were working on an exciting air conditioner project.
Our client requirement was to reduce the noise by 5DB.
We tried for 3 months and failed. Then we stumbled upon while
we searched on google. since our budget was limited we decided to buy the SCDK solution.
After two weeks we already had more progress than the first 3 months combined.
We then decided to participate in one of Silentium workshops and we understood many things we couldn”t solve before. we are supposed to finish the project within 2 months and the solution looks very promising

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