About Us

Hearing is believing


Silentium’s patented Active Acoustic Technologies and algorithms control personal sound spaces and eliminate unwanted sounds in various applications, from cars to commercial goods.

The company’s mission is to reduce the adverse effects of sounds on health, safety and privacy and make it possible for each and every one to design their own acoustic experience.
The company’s solutions and products are currently embedded in various market applications around the world and its clients receive full guidance and support from the planning stage to production.

Main focus – Automotive

Silentium Active Acoustics technology enables OEM’s to control in-cabin sound effectively by leveraging the existing audio system to eliminate unwanted Engine, Road, HVAC and wind noise to create a better acoustic user experience.

Active Acoustics software continuously creates appropriate constructive and destructive acoustic fields, to enhance user experience for Voice and Sound Management and to solve Noise and Vibration challenges while significantly reducing dependency on expensive, bulky and heavy mechanical solutions such as tuned exhaust manifolds, waveguides, mufflers, and sound dampeners.

With its Quiet BubbleTM (QBTM) Active Noise Cancellation, and Personal Voice & Sound BubbleTM (PSBTM) technology platforms, Silentium enables quiet and separate acoustic environments enabling privacy in a clear, and superior acoustic environment.

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