Solutions we offer the automotive industry

Enhance your driving experience with active noise control

Driving can be a pleasure when you incorporate Silentium into your product – for the most advanced active noise cancellation solutions available today.

Silentium offers a modular and flexible solution, which explains why it is already the world leader in the field of ANC for the automotive industry, unique in providing in-cabin noise reduction over a broad frequency range: 30Hz-1KHz for automotive applications.

This proven solution is already being implemented by some of the leading automobile OEM’s.

The software based technology provides significant in-cabin noise reduction of tyres /wind /powertrain /HVAC noise. All of this encourages and empowers manufacturers to create lighter car architectures and thus to meet tougher CO2 regulations and the unique challenges of EVs.

The Silentium Active noise cancellation technology delivers more than 5dB(A) noise reduction across the entire audible spectrum and more than 10dB(A) at the dominant frequencies.

For the automotive industry we offer 2 solutions:

  1. Quiet Bubble™ solution embedded into seats and/or using existing audio speakers to create a personal quiet zone around the passenger’s head by reducing noise from tires /wind /powertrain .
  2. Quiet At-the-Source solution is integrated into products introducing a significant in-cabin reduction in noise for example from the HVAC system.

The difference between cars which use Silentium and those that don’t is quite amazing. Silentium Quiet At-The-Source noise cancellation and “Quiet Bubble™” reduce unwanted sounds by up to 90%. Cars which use the “Quiet Bubble™” have zones of quiet around the driver or passengers’ heads that can minimise ambient external sound like the engine, HVAC, road or wind noise. Less noise means greater safety and a more enjoyable drive.

Automotive OEMs and their suppliers are increasingly moving to lighter, more efficient & lower-emitting vehicles with increasing HEV/EV content in their fleets to produce lower tailpipe emissions. Among other things, it calls for the use of smaller, turbocharged power units & HEVs plus lighter BIW structures (while still meeting safety/crash standards). This all means increasing NVH issues that will require Silentium broadband ANC  solutions to mitigate increased in-cabin noise levels.

Silentium in Automotive

Entire Solution

An entire noise cancellation solution that manages active adaptive sound for automotive

Promotes Health

Improves user well-being by reducing their exposure to unwanted sounds, hearing loss and stress levels.

Reduced bulk & weight

Enables manufacturers to reduce car weight by reducing added sound barrier/absorption material

Proven solution

Adopted for production by leading Tier 1 & OEMs

There are two innovative solutions powered by Silentium

Quiet Bubble™
Quiet Bubble™
In order to protect individuals from surrounding noise Silentium has developed the “Quiet-Bubble™” (QB™), an individual quiet-zone solution. A zone of quiet is created, usually in an area around someone’s head for instance in a seat head-rest.
Quiet at-the-Source
Quiet at-the-Source
Point to Zone
The Silentium Source noise cancellation solution is incorporated inside the product that is creating the noise and the sound is controlled at source eg. home appliances, car HVAC systems, office ventilation

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