HVAC Automotive Case Study

Car blowers create high levels of noise – from the ventilation systems, the air conditioners and car heaters, making the cabin environment uncomfortable for drivers and passengers.

The car HVAC system must blow enough air through the air ducts at the front and rear windows and to the passengers’ feet and faces. The higher the level the HVAC is turned up, the more ambient noise is created in the car, to the point that the radio may not be heard and conversations can be disturbed.

The car HVAC system is comprised of the blowers, the mixing unit and the ducts around the interior of the car. The blowers must create enough pressure by rotating and mixing with the turbulent air flow from the mixing unit, to navigate through all the ducts at the desired level.

The Silentium Solution

Silentium Active Noise Cancellation technology delivers more than 5dB(A) noise reduction across the entire audible spectrum and more than 10dB(A) at the dominant frequencies. The Silentium solution in this case is integrated into products such as the HVAC system. The product features software/chip-based active noise reduction solutions.

The Most Advanced Active Noise Cancellation Solutions Available Today

Silentium improves the user experience by reducing driver and passenger exposure to unwanted sounds, achieved by a significant in-cabin reduction of HVAC noise. This in turn empowers manufacturers to save car weight by reducing the need for added sound barrier or absorption material. Software/chip-based active noise reduction solutions for automotive & other industry sectors

The Silentium ANC also enhances hands-free voice communication in the car, by reducing the low frequency noise as well as enabling individual sound zones of private audio, which improves perceived HiFi audio quality,  thus enhancing the user experience.

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