ARNC Automotive Case Study

Road noise is becoming more prominent as a source of discomfort as other sound sources in the vehicle are reduced and vehicle light –weighting and electrifications are becoming established trends.

Traditional methods of combating road noise involve heavy sound insulation materials, softer tyres and compliant suspension bushings which all go against the desire for lighter cars and more precise handling and road holding.


The Silentium Solution

Silentium Active Road Noise Cancellation (ARNC) technology employs Silentium’s proprietary algorithms to reduce road noise as perceived with cabin of a vehicle by the occupants.

The ARNC system utilizes number of transducers strategically loacated in and around the vehicle to capture the structural information pertaining to road noise as perceived by the vehicle occupants.

This information is transmitted to a processing unit that uses these input signals and pre-defined calibration in response to vehicle speed and road input to produce a sound in antiphase that will cancel the noise. The sound produced is passed to the infotainment amplifiers where it is used to drive the vehicle’s loudspeakers.


The Most Advanced ARNC solution available today

Silentium’s solution for cancelling road noise can be applied to any car, or truck for that matterand turns to empower manufacturers to save car weight by reducing the need for added sound barrier or absorption material.The Silentium ARNC also enhances hands-free voice communication in the car, by reducing the low frequency road noise as well as enabling individual sound zones of private audio, which improves perceived HiFi audio quality, enhancing the user experience.

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