Our 3 main on the road missions

Our mission is to bring the benefits of Active Acoustics to wherever focus and sound clarity are required.

This is inspired by three core principles:
1. Safety: Safety is the driving force behind our technology, especially when applied to the automotive industry.
We believe that drivers should be free to focus on the road, without being distracted by intrusive sounds. Active Acoustics reduces external distractions, which reduces drivers’ cognitive loads and improves response time by leaving them free to focus on the road ahead.

2. Sustainability: At Silentium, we believe in doing our part to protect the environment. For us, this goes beyond reducing noise pollution and as far as creating a technology that allows manufacturers to create lighter vehicles.
With Active Acoustics technology, vehicles require less passive materials and will release fewer carbon emissions.

3. Well-being: Listening to music is a core part of many people’s driving experience and has been shown to improve mental health.
Active Acoustics allows you to enjoy music with better sound quality than ever before and make phone calls on the go without worrying about clarity or background sounds.

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