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Enjoy a quieter home with active noise cancellation at-the-source

A quieter home

Today’s consumers view their homes as a sanctuary from the noises and stressors of the outside world. That is why they expect home to be a place of relative peace and quiet.

But how to achieve that? Imagine two homes. They both have the washing machine, cooker hood, vacuum cleaner and microwave appliances running at the same time. One house is powered by Silentium Quiet At-The-Source technology, where up to 90% of the sound is cancelled out. The other house unfortunately is not.

To respond to customer demands for quieter and more energy efficient products, appliance  manufacturers must consider these qualities in any products they design. Their newer products must be quieter and more energy efficient to have any chance of competing in today’s marketplace.  In turn, the manufacturers will be encouraged to create less bulky products, as they no longer need to incorporate sound dampening material to pacify the sound.

Manufacturers all have the ability to incorporate the Silentium technology. Not only does the technology lower stress levels at home or in the office but it also greatly increases the perceived value of the appliance.

When companies speak about the sound properties of their product they focus on how quiet they are and also on the quality of the sound.

That’s where Silentium comes in. When you take our Active Noise Control technology and combine it with passive noise control measures, like sound dampeners you create a product that is quieter – not only than your older product, but than all of your competitors’ products too

Silentium at Home

Promotes Health

Noise raises heart rates, blood pressure, hearing loss & stress 

Adds Value

Quieter products are perceived as more valuable

Energy Efficient

Noisy fans can work at full power, silently

Less Bulk, Less Weight

As compared to passive sound control methods

There are two innovative solutions powered by Silentium

Quiet Bubble™
Quiet Bubble™
In order to protect individuals from surrounding noise Silentium has developed the “Quiet-Bubble™” (QB™), an individual quiet-zone solution. A zone of quiet is created, usually in an area around someone’s head for instance in a seat head-rest.
Quiet at-the-Source
Quiet at-the-Source
Point to Zone
The Silentium Source noise cancellation solution is incorporated inside the product that is creating the noise and the sound is controlled at source eg. home appliances, car HVAC systems, office ventilation

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