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Increased Industrial Productivity With Peace and Quiet in the Workplace


Can you hear it? That’s the sound of a busy workplace with everyone working to full capacity. Silentium offers incredible benefits to those that use it in industrial workspaces and offices.

When sound is cut to a minimum, employees can concentrate on the task at hand. Less noise means less stress-related injuries and illnesses. Less stress-related illnesses means less time off and a busier more productive workforce.

Offices with noisy servers, and machines use Silentium to create a calmer work environment. Factories that enjoy relative peace and quiet take advantage of at-the-source Silentium technology inside their machinery, with up to 90% of the sound cancelled out.

Silentium at Work

Less Injuries and Accidents

Staff that are able to focus on their work rather than loud noises report less work-related injuries and hearing problems

Stress Related Illness

Workplaces that have lower noise output see employees that take less days off due to stress and a happier workplace

Productivity Increase

Loud machinery in busy factories or noisy technology in offices where sound is cancelled out enjoy more productivity from their staff

There are two innovative solutions powered by Silentium

Quiet Bubble™
Quiet Bubble™
In order to protect individuals from surrounding noise Silentium has developed the “Quiet-Bubble™” (QB™), an individual quiet-zone solution. A zone of quiet is created, usually in an area around someone’s head for instance in a seat head-rest.
Quiet at-the-Source
Quiet at-the-Source
Point to Zone
The Silentium Source noise cancellation solution is incorporated inside the product that is creating the noise and the sound is controlled at source eg. home appliances, car HVAC systems, office ventilation

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