Better solutions for active noise cancellation

Silentium offer a range of active noise cancellation solutions for every requirement.


At-The-Source Developers Kit

The SCDKis a do-it-yourself solution that can be implemented inside your existing hardware, reducing the noise emission and improving the quality of sound from the source. It incorporates proprietary algorithms that adaptively follow the changes in the noise spectrum, achieving extraordinary results of almost 10dB noise reduction.

Quiet Bubble Developers Tool

The QBDT Kit effectively gives the user the ability to use the Silentium algorithms to create his own ANC system, in order to create zones of quiet.  Applications include creating Quiet Bubblesin the headrest of cars and locomotives, and creates zones of quiet in busy terminals and airports.

AcoustiRACK™ Rack-Mount Cabinet

The award winning AcoustiRACK™ ACTIVE (ARA™) is a soundproof, rack-mount cabinet

providing incredible levels of noise reduction – up to 30 dB(A) with 8 KW of heat dissipation and dust protection for 19-inch servers and networking equipment.

Additional products are built on-demand and in consultation with our dedicated designers. If you are looking for a highly customized ANR product, speak to us today!


Noisy appliances at home? Cancel out the sound with active noise control


Cancel out the sound of a noisy engine with at-the-source noise cancellation


A quieter work environment enhances productivity and reduces stress

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