Active . Acoustics . Solution

For our customers who wish to enjoy the benefits of Silentium Active Acoustics solutions, we offer the AcustiFusion™, an easy-to-use PC-based software tool that provides active acoustics simulation, design and tuning platform for integrating Active Acoustics solutions into their products.

The AcustiFusionTM tool main features are:

Signal analysis
Transfer function estimation
Real time data indications to ease OEMs in HW/SW/product integration efforts
Step by step tuning guidance via GUI to tuners/audio/NVH engineers
Performance prediction by simulation
End of line process.

Silentium AcustiFusionTM tool allows audio/NVH engineers to carry out Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) calibrations using Silentium ANC software to guarantee optimized and robust ANC performance through the development stages including POC, production preparation,
production line, etc.

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