Quiet Bubble Development Kit

Welcome to the QBDT™, our unique patented Do-it-Yourself solution, based on proprietary algorithms that works to actively reduce Spatial, Broadband and Adaptive sound. This highly effective solution brings extraordinary results in both noise reduction and to the actual quality of the sound. The QBDT™ Kit effectively gives the user the ability to use the Silentium algorithm to create his own ANC system.

The QBDT™ can deal with a complex noise environment, where the noise is emitted from various sources, and the counter waves should create a significant area of noise reduction.The kit cancels noise by first sensing the sound and then through the algorithm sending out an appropriate “anti-noise” signal, which interferes with the original sound and effectively cancels it out

This Do-it-Yourself Kit provides a development software and hardware environment to establish your own Active Noise Cancellation system

QBDT™ Features

  • Broadband noise reduction up to 10dB(A) beyond the reduction achieved by acoustic material.
  • Ideal for acoustic and vibration applications
  • Real-Time Adaptive Algorithms
  • Self calibrating system
  • Standalone mode
  • User-friendly, PC-Based USB interface for the calibration process

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