S-Cube Development Kit

The SCDK™ is a powerful, integrated centralized digital signal processing based system that provides a do-it-yourself ANR development tool and can be used for the application of loud electronic equipment. Developers and engineers can leverage it to implement noise and vibration reduction. The controller unit integrates all the required function: Sound generator, equalization, amplification and the active adjustment processor. The controller is connected directly to the loudspeakers. The controller allows the designer to reduce up to 10dB reduction in addition to what the acoustic materials will diminish.

How Does SCDK™ ANR work?

Silentium’s innovative noise reduction solution provides you with the capability to allow undisturbed airflow while preventing noise from escaping. The concept of the system is that it produces an “anti-noise” signal that destructively interferes with the original sound, canceling it out.

The SCDK™ incorporates proprietary algorithms that adaptively follow the changes in the noise spectrum, achieving extraordinary results of almost 10dB noise reduction. Unlike other ANC solutions, the Silentium one extends the low frequency range of signals, up to 1800Hz, eliminates single tones and phases out the use of error microphones. The result is a small, low cost and highly effective solution to low/medium frequency noise, providing a successful commercial solution across many applications.

SCDK™ Features

  • Broadband noise reduction up to 10dB(A) beyond the reduction achieved by acoustic material.
  • Adaptable for both point-to-point and point-to zone ANC applications
  • Ideal for acoustic and vibration applications
  • Real-Time Adaptive Algorithms
  • Self calibrating system
  • Standalone mode
  • User-friendly, PC- Based USB interface for the calibration process

SCDK™ Benefits

  • Up to 90% noise reduction
  • Quieter products means a distinct competitive advantage
  • Meets and exceed the growing body of noise-related regulations
  • ANR means everything it touches is green, by saving energy
  • Better product noise quality

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