Silentium reveals the future of personal in-car sound at Electronics in Vehicles (ELIV)

Why is Silentium attending ELIV?  

Silentium is really excited to have confirmed plans to attend the ELIV (Electronics In Vehicles) event on October 20th and 21stWe see this as a big opportunity to further showcase our pioneering noise cancellation and optimization technology. Our active road noise cancellation technology has already demonstrated its many real-world benefits, working to enhance the interior space of vehicles on the market today. As proved in the new Range Rover Velar and Jaguar F-Pace models, our Active Acoustics solutions can cut out 90% of unwanted noise across an industry-leading broad spectrum of frequencies, in the process contributing to the wellbeing of all inside the car. And as mobility adopts silent-running battery electric vehicles, the focus and importance of driver and passenger wellness inside the car will continue to grow.  


What do you want to get from attending ELIV this year? 

By being at ELIV, we want to get the wider industry talking about why it’s so important for the car to be a space in which the driver and passengers can experience those wellbeing and wellness qualities I mentioned above. As the world gets busier, louder, and more demanding, the importance of achieving personal prosperity has never been so important. In this respect, our advanced Active Road Noise Cancellation technology is unrivalled with its wide frequency capabilities from 20Hz up to more than 1kHz.  

At ELIV we will showcase the latest developments to our Active Road Noise Cancellation suite. We will also feature the upgraded and significantly enhanced AcustiFusion software tool kit that helps engineers to capture in-vehicle acoustic data quickly and seamlessly, in the process aiding the further development of interior sound optimization for a new car program. And we will also have a surprise technology reveal: Dr Ziv Hermon will be sharing info on Silentium’s latest breakthrough innovation – the Personal Sound Bubble – during his keynote presentation at the forum. Currently still in the design and development stages, the Personal Sound Bubble technology essentially creates a ‘bubble’ around the head of each person within the vehicle, allowing them to listen to audio and consume media without headphones and without impacting other passengers.  


What’s your ELIV strategy to make sure you make the most out of the event? 

We have a three-fold approach. Silentium will be exhibiting at ELIV 2021 physically at stand CAR 2 on October 20 and 21. Our stand has been created to offer an immersive, interactive, and dynamic experience for all to enjoy. The team will be on-hand to have a catch-up over a coffee or cold drink. There might even be some cake! For those who are unable to attend this year’s event in Bonn, Germany, be sure to check out our LinkedIn page for regular content over the two days. Finally, we have Dr Ziv Hermon’s presentation, which will be at 17:15pm on the first day of the event, so Wednesday 20th October. He is one of the guest speakers and I know he’s been working hard on what will be a presentation that will blow away any headphones insight!  



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