Quiet Bubble™

Hearing is Believing

In a noisy world Silentium has developed a Quiet Bubble™ family, a concept that was developed in Silentium to reduce the disturbing noise no matter what the sources are.  The method is to synthesize the physical characteristics of the unwanted noise field in a desired zone of quiet. This is achieved by multichannel algorithm that allows controlling the sound field produced by an array of loudspeakers.


QB™ technology delivers up to 10dBA active noise reduction in the range of 30-1000Hz with a reasonable spatial variability:

2. Quiet Bubble™ Software Solution

With this solution we provide the software solution to integrate seamlessly into your product.

We create a proof of concept, full spec. and create the design to your exacting requirements which will merge seamlessly with your existing or planned hardware. We work closely with your customer’s chosen Tier-1 supplier to customize & integrate Silentium Software into the IT supplier’s system HW (i.e. AMP, HU).

3. Quiet Bubble™ End-to-End Solution

The End-to-End solution provides a complete turnkey solution where we design and build both the software and hardware elements of your product.

We design and build a fully dedicated ANC product to your exact needs. The application of this solution is particularly suitable for noisy transportation where a Quiet Zone can be applied as a headrest, for instance inside a car or an airplane. We can design and build quiet zones inside busy train and airport terminals for passengers to use as a place of peace and relative privacy.

Quiet Bubble can be used in these industries


Noisy appliances at home? Cancel out the sound with active noise control


Reduce the sound from wind, tyres, engine and HVAC with Silentium


A quieter work environment enhances productivity and reduces stress


Silentium solutions create quieter environments from trains, at airports and stations

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