Personal Sound
Bubble PSB™



Using Silentium’s Personal Sound Bubble (PSB™) any environment can be divided into several independent listening zones. A personal audio experience is delivered to each of the individual zones.

Airplanes, Trains and Cars

Airplanes, Trains and Cars

Each listener can enjoy his own choice of audio.



Tailored TV experience to accommodate individual preferences.

Public Places

Public Places

Enjoy Personal Sound even in a noisy public area.

How Does it Work?

A PSB system uses an array of loudspeakers deployed in the environment together with Silentium’s advanced signal processing algorithm. PSB results in focused sound transmission towards the desired zone, while minimizing the sound intensity elsewhere.

Applying several PSBs in a homogeneous environment(no partitions) such as a room or car results in a respective number of sound zones with independent audio content. Each listener can enjoy his own choice of music.

PSB™ Automotive case study
PSB is used to create two independent sound zones, one for the front driver and one the rear passenger.
Layout: 4 door woofers + 4 ceiling twitters per zone.
Performance: up to 20 dB of acoustic contrast.
Signal processing effect: up to 20dB gain in physical contrast.

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