Our Technology - Hearing is Believing

Silentium offers a range of flexible noise reducement packages depending on clients needs, from Do-it-Yourself to Software Solution and entire ANC Solutions for both Quiet Bubble™ and Quiet At-the-Source sound control.


We provide the full development kit for you, which best matches your product design. You then implement the kit for your own noise reduction solution and embed into your current hardware.

Our solutions start from a Do-it-Yourself S-Cube Kit. it comes with a Controller with incorporated software so you can calibrate your own solution and all necessary accessories which comes ready to go such as a sensor or microphone to pick up the adaptive noise frequency, our proprietary algorithm, which is implemented into a circuit board and the speakers which negate the noise output.

Software Solution

In this solution we provide the software solution to integrate seamlessly into your product.

We create a proof of concept, full spec. and create the design to your exacting requirements which will merge seamlessly with your existing or planned hardware. We work closely with your customer’s chosen Tier-1 supplier to customize & integrate Silentium Software into the IT supplier’s system HW (i.e. AMP, HU).


The End-to-End solution as its name suggests is a complete turnkey solution where we design and build both the software and hardware elements of your product.

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