Quiet at the source

Hearing is believing

The Sound of Silence

Our Quiet At-the-Source technology reduces noise directly from its source. Some real life applications of this cutting-edge product include usage inside home appliances like range cookers, in offices – for instance in noisy server rooms and on heavy machinery and noisy engines.

Silentium’s proprietary noise-cancelling technology is highly effective in reducing low-frequency noises. Once combined with unique high quality acoustic materials, our products achieve unprecedented spatial noise reduction over the entire frequency bandwidth of the audible spectrum of up to 20dBA.

We have 3 Quiet At-the-Source solutions:

A developers kit for you to integrate simply and quickly into your hardware

Software Only
We design & supply the software library, and work hand-in-hand with your hardware supplier

A full dedicated ANC solution, from POC, design, and build of both software and hardware

At-the-Source, Do-it-Yourself

The S-Cube Development Kit can be used to reduce noise for servers and networking equipment, HVAC equipment for homes and for use in automotives, in white goods and has many other applications.

The kit is easy to implement and contains functionality for equalization, amplification, a sound generator as well as the active adjustment processor. The controller that manages these functions is simply connected to the loudspeakers.

The designer is able to control noises on an adaptive spectrum by creating broadband noise and vibration reduction solutions, up to 10Db reduction, in addition to the noise that the acoustic materials dampen.

To read more about the SCDK™  click here


Competitive Edge

Quieter products which gives your product a clear and distinct advantage over the competitors

Energy Efficiency

The product saves energy as appliances fans work less hard to cool and quieten products

Lighter, Less Bulky

When you incorporate an ANC solution, your products will require less sound dampener material, meaning less bulk and lighter products

User Friendly

User friendly PC-based USB interface for the calibration equipment, quick and simple integration

At-the-Source Software Solution

With this solution we provide the entire sound library for integration within your own hardware.

Have a noisy product which you would like upgrade in terms of the sound quality? Our at-the-source software solution provides you  with everything you need to reduce and control the noise emitting from your product.

We create a full spec and design and then work hand in hand with your own suppliers to integrate into your existing and planned products. Once the software is embedded we conduct pilot tests on the sound levels to ensure the maximum level of quiet has been reached.

Who is this for?

If you have your own existing hardware or product and would like to limit the sound in order to compete with similar companies than you need the Software Solution. Our clients include automotive and machinery manufacturers, kitchen device manufacturers and OEM’s that have existing hardware that they’d like to minimise the sound on.

What Do You Get?

  • Full Specifications – containing locations of sensor and speakers
  • Full design of the software – which includes system optimisation and field testing
  • The software library (licensees) and software testing plus debugging


Software Library

A full software library which is built to spec., customised specifically to your own product. Consider it a product upgrade.

Sound Savings

We can cancel sound up to 90% which makes your product more energy efficient and more tempting to consumers.

Saves on Bulk

Empowers manufacturers to reduce car weight by reducing the need for added sound barrier/absorption material

At-the-Source  End-to-End Solution

Want a quieter product in order to compete with the rest of the marketplace? We offer a full turnkey solution, from software to hardware built exactly to your requirements.


As well as devising and creating a proof of concept and design for a new product, we will also build the entire hardware.  Silentium’s Active Noise Control software and hardware solutions contain cutting-edge technology which is capable of delivering up to 90% reduction across the entire noise spectrum.

Who is this for?

The end-to-end solution is for clients that have a goal in mind, and would like to have the entire project built on their behalf. We supply the software library and the actual product hardware too. Applications include noise reduction for server and networking equipment, HVAC equipment for home and office, white goods and more.


Entire Turnkey Solution

Have the entire product designed, mapped, built and tested. Our expert software and hardware engineers will design a fully-fledged product to suit your needs

Complex Noise Environment

The solution can deal with complex noise environment, where the noise emitted from various sources, and the counter waves should create significant area of Noise Reduction.

Compete with the Market

Our products will not only meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the noise regulators but also compete with our manufacturers in the marketplace in terms of sound quality

At The Source can be used in these industries


Noisy appliances at home? Cancel out the sound with active noise control


Reduce the sound from wind, tyres, engine and HVAC with Silentium


A quieter work environment enhances productivity and reduces stress


Silentium solutions create quieter environments from trains, at airports and stations

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