Quiet Bubble

Hearing is Believing

In a noisy world Silentium has developed some ingenious technology which creates a personal zone of quiet or personal audio space around a person’s head. Applications for this include a Quiet Bubble™ for areas in the home or in the office, but this innovative product really comes into its own when applied into the headrest of a car seat, in heavy vehicles and even in airplane seats.

We have 3 Quiet Bubble™  Solutions:

A developers kit for you to integrate simply and quickly into your hardware

Software Only
We design & supply the software library, and work hand-in-hand with your hardware supplier

A full dedicated ANC solution, from POC, design, and build of both software and hardware

Quiet Bubble™ Do-it-Yourself

This product is easily and quickly implemented into your own products. It is a Digital Signal Processing based system (DSP) that can be used for Multi input and multi output applications.  Designers and manufacturers can easily incorporate  this out-of-the box device into their products in order to reduce noise and vibrations. The controller unit contains all of the necessary functions including sound generator, equalization, amplification and the adaptive sound processor. Using this kit means the manufacturer can drastically cut the sound up to 14dB, which minimizes the need for bulky material to pacify the noise.

The S-Cube Kit Components  change depending on its application

Who is this for?

This is for those customers that already have a design of a product or actual piece of hardware in place, that they would like to “lower the sound levels” of. First speak to us, let us know about your product and we will suggest the best SCDK for you.


Regulator Requirements

Your products easily meet and exceed the requirements of the noise related regulators

Product Noise Quality

Get a further 10dB of noise reduction on top of  the reduction from your acoustic materials

Easy Implementation

The product is ready to be implemented inside your device or products and adapts to the sound in real time

User Friendly

User friendly PC-based USB interface for the calibration equipment

Quiet Bubble™ Software Solution

With the Silentium Software solution, we deliver a fully validated and robust Active Noise Reduction solution for integration into our customers’ products. We start by creating a proof of concept from scratch. Once approved we will come up with a full design spec. of the software which we then work on hand-in-hand with your chosen Tier 1 supplier to incorporate inside the supplier’s IT or audio hardware or indeed within any other system

Who is this for?

This is for manufacturers who already have their own tried-and-tested hardware, who want to incorporate Active Noise Control. Our clients include automotive and machinery manufacturers, white goods producers and OEM’s that have hardware or future plans for hardware builds, that require a sound upgrade in terms of better sound quality and meeting regulators’ toughening sound level requirements. We can create a highly customized spec. solution suitable for everyone, no matter what their requirements.

What Do You Get?

Full Specifications

containing locations of sensor and speakers

Full Design

Software Design – including system optimization and field testing

Software Library

Including licensees and software testing plus debugging

Once Silentium is incorporated into your product we then review the sound saving quality, complete pilot tests on both the software and hardware and make adjustments where necessary.

>> Read more on the Silentium Software Library 

Software Library A full software library which is built to spec., customised specifically to your own product. Consider it a product upgrade.

Sound Savings We can cancel sound up to 90% which makes your product more energy efficient and more tempting to consumers.

Saves on Bulk Empowers manufacturers to reduce car weight by reducing the need for added sound barrier/absorption material

Quiet Bubble™ End-to-End Solution

Silentium has an end-to end-solution, which includes the full planning, specifications, design and implementation of the software into our own specially built hardware.

We can design and build a fully dedicated ANC product to your exact needs. The application of this solution is particularly suitable for noisy transportation where a Quiet Zone can be applied as a headrest, for instance inside a car or airplane. We can design and build quiet zones inside busy train and airport terminals for passengers to use as a place of peace and relative privacy.

Who is this for?

The end-to-end solution is for clients that have a goal in mind, and would like to have the entire project built on their behalf. We supply the software library and the actual product hardware too.


Entire Turnkey Solution

Have the entire product designed, mapped, built and tested. Our expert software and hardware engineers will design a fully-fledged product to suit your needs.

Complex Noise Environment

The solution can deal with a complex noise environment, where the noise emitted from various sources, and the counter waves should create a significant area of Noise Reduction.

Compete with the Market

Our products will not only meet and exceed the stringent requirements of the noise regulators but also compete with our manufacturers in the marketplace in terms of sound quality.

Quiet Bubble can be used in these industries


Noisy appliances at home? Cancel out the sound with active noise control


Reduce the sound from wind, tyres, engine and HVAC with Silentium


A quieter work environment enhances productivity and reduces stress


Silentium solutions create quieter environments from trains, at airports and stations

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