Quiet Bubble™ for high speed trains

The High Speed Train in China is interesting for many reasons. It marked a dramatic change in the way people were able to travel long distances. Prior to this Chinese trains were overcrowded and uncomfortable. The High Speed Train faced many hurdles to become the luxurious mode of transport that it is today. One of these hurdles is the sound that was generated by such a fast train. Not only highly uncomfortable levels of sound for the train driver in the driver cabin who must retain high levels of concentration but also for the passengers, not least for those in the VIP carriage that expected a certain level of peace and quiet.

Our goal was to create a more relaxing journey for the passengers.

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How Did We Do it?

We created a zone of quiet for all the passengers by embedding our Quiet Bubble™ solution featuring integrated speakers within the headrest of the seats to transmit the anti-noise signal.
The proven Silentium solution, which has already been installed in many vehicles and approved by OEM’s globally, successfully blocks up to 90% of the ambient noise which could affect the passengers. These include engine noises, external wind noises and even noises created inside the carriage from other passengers.

The Quiet Bubble™ creates peace and privacy for those passengers that wish to conduct private conversations without the need for noise reduction headphones or bulky materials commonly used for reducing noise levels, a factor particularly relevant in such a lightweight train as the High Speed Train. The solution was simple and fast to integrate into the existing hardware platforms and to reduce the noise on a broad frequency range up to 1000Hz.

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