Solutions we offer the transportation industry

Peace and Quiet at Airports on Trains and at Stations

Noise from transport machines can be particularly damaging to those around them. This noise, not merely unpleasant or annoying, can also cause major health issues such as cardiovascular disease, raised hormone levels, psychological issues and even a worse quality of life. Silentium solution uses are infinite but have been proven to make a positive and significant impact to the noise pollution that comes from transportation.

The Silentium software can be embedded into noisy train or plane engines thus helping to not only reduce the noise at the source, but also to adapt it into a wanted sound by placing speakers around passengers’ heads on train or plane seats effectively creating a “Quiet Bubble™” or an Audio Bubble, for the enjoyment of passengers.

Additionally the “Quiet Bubble™” can be created in desired areas such as in cubicles at stations and airports, cutting out the ambient sound to leave a more relaxing environment for all. This technology successfully cancels out up to 90% unwanted noise, creating a zone of peace and quiet.

Silentium in Public Transportation

Get Some Privacy

“Quiet Bubbles™” can be created anywhere, such as VIP carriages in trains, to lend quiet and privacy to the passengers, where noise pollution is limited.

Less Ambient Sound

Busy stations, terminals and public transportation sound can be dampened to leave zones of peace and quiet.

At-the-Source Sound

The sounds of noisy engines, wheels and cooling systems can be cancelled out leaving public transportation a more relaxing proposition.

There are two innovative solutions powered by Silentium

Quiet Bubble™
Quiet Bubble™
In order to protect individuals from surrounding noise Silentium has developed the “Quiet-Bubble™” (QB™), an individual quiet-zone solution. A zone of quiet is created, usually in an area around someone’s head for instance in a seat head-rest.
Quiet at-the-Source
Quiet at-the-Source
Point to Zone
The Silentium Source noise cancellation solution is incorporated inside the product that is creating the noise and the sound is controlled at source eg. home appliances, car HVAC systems, office ventilation

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