Quiet at the source

Hearing is believing

The Sound of Silence

Our At-the-Source technology reduces noise directly from the source of the noise. Some real life applications of this cutting edge product include usage inside home appliances like range cookers, in offices for instance in noisy server rooms and on heavy machinery and noisy engines.

1. The microphone receives the noise to be cancelled (unwanted noise) and forwards it to the controller
2. The Speaker physically produces the anti-noise
3. The Controller generates the correct signal to send to the speaker, which will produce the anti-noise to cancel out the unwanted noise

Silentium’s proprietary noise-cancelling technology extends the low frequency range of the noise reduction up to 1800Hz which results in achieving up to 10dBA noise reduction on top of the passive noise reduction and by that covering the entire audible range.

1. At-the-Source Software Solution

With this solution we provide the entire sound library for integration within your own hardware.

Have a noisy product which you would like upgrade in terms of the sound quality? Our at-the-source software solution provides you  with everything you need to reduce and control the noise emitting from your product.

We create a full spec and design and then work hand in hand with your own suppliers to integrate into your existing and planned products. Once the software is embedded we conduct pilot tests on the sound levels to ensure the maximum level of quiet has been reached.

2. At-the-Source  End-to-End Solution

Want a quieter product in order to compete with the rest of the marketplace? We offer a full turnkey solution, from software to hardware built exactly to your requirements.

As well as devising and creating a proof of concept and design for a new product, we will also build the entire hardware.  Silentium’s Active Noise Control software and hardware solutions contain cutting-edge technology which is capable of delivering up to 90% reduction across the entire noise spectrum,

At The Source can be used in these industries


Noisy appliances at home? Cancel out the sound with active noise control


Reduce the sound from wind, tyres, engine and HVAC with Silentium


A quieter work environment enhances productivity and reduces stress


Silentium solutions create quieter environments from trains, at airports and stations

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